Batista On How Being A Bouncer Led To A Wrestling Career, Reveals His Favorite Wrestler, More

WWE legend, Batista recently spoke with SportBible.com regarding a range of topics including how his bouncing career helped lead to wrestling. Below are some highlights with a H/T to Rajah.com for the transcriptions.

On bodybuilding leading to being a bouncer and then a wrestler:

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“I found my way into bouncing at nightclubs, really young. I started bouncing in nightclubs when I was 17. And it’s funny I was still in high school bouncing in nightclubs and all my friends who were too young to drink would come down to the nightclubs I was working in and of course I would let them in. Then I spent all of my twenties just wasting away, you know pursuing becoming huge and bouncing in nightclubs and making easy money. I kind of got wrapped up in that life that just led to nowhere. When I kind of reflected and thought, ‘What could I do with myself?’ I don’t have an education. I don’t really have any training or job training but I have this great big huge body and I thought ‘I’ll be a professional wrestler.’ And my first go at that, I failed miserably.”

If his wrestling career helped his movie career:

“I don’t know how much the wrestling had to do with my career in acting. It brought me out of my shell a little bit.”

His childhood favorite wrestler:

“When I was a kid, Warlord was absolutely my favorite wrestler and it was because he was the most immense human being I had ever seen in my life, he was massive. I was just awestruck by him. I was mesmerized by him. Later on, when I was actually in wrestling I realized that he wasn’t the most technical wrestler, but when I was a kid my memories are nothing but being awestruck, seeing him in excitement, waiting for him to come out.”

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