Carmella On Her Dad Competing in WWE, Velveteen Dream Takes Shot at Ricochet, WWE Under the Ring Surprises (Video)

WWE has released the above video.

You just never know what you might find hiding under a WWE ring. Here are 10 of the most incredible surprises that Superstars discovered beneath the squared circle.

Carmella Reveals Her Father Competed in WWE

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Carmella recently spoke with Telegram.com, and during the interview the Champ revealed her father, Paul Vandale, used to work in WWE as an enhancement talent.

“He was such a big fan of the sport,” she said. “When I grew up, every Monday night we would tape it on VHS overnight so the next day when he got back from work we would watch it.”

During the interview, Carmella also discusses her character being billed from Staten Island despite her actually being from Massachusetts, why she prefers being a heel in WWE and much more.

Velveteen Dream Takes Shot at Ricochet

WWE NXT star Velveteen Dream, who will likely be facing Ricochet at NXT Takeover Chicago next month, Tweeted the following:


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The story of a boy who never grew up…..


In the end,
The Dream
makes a Man outta U. pic.twitter.com/bOisv3lHx4

— DREAM (@VelveteenWWE) May 26, 2018

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