Curt Hawkins Reflects On His 2014 WWE Release & His Recent Raw Segment With Baron Corbin

WWE Raw superstar, Curt Hawkins recently spoke with ESPN about how his 2014 WWE release proved something to people and his recent segment with Baron Corbin.

On the recent Baron Corbin segment:

 “It was a very cool moment. Throughout my career, any time I’ve been a part of a big reaction like that, when you watch it back it’s crazy. It almost doesn’t even do it justice. When you’re there live, it’s way different than when you watch it on television. To me, it was even more deafening. It’s pretty cool, unexpected. I knew it would be an interesting segment for everyone to be a part of, but I think it exceeded expectations.”

On his 2014 release from WWE:

“I think I proved to myself and everyone else that I was able to do this without the WWE — make a living and travel the world and be successful and stay relevant and things like that. Getting fired was, I always tell people, was one of the best things that probably ever happened to me. It was this unbelievable blessing in disguise. It’s something I feel had to happen, but I didn’t realize at the time that it had to happen.”

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