Does Adam Cole Feel Pressure Helping Carry WWE NXT?, Top 10 Stolen Pinfall Victories (Video)

The Undisputed Era leader, Adam Cole, was a recent guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he discussed the pressures of carrying NXT after talents were called up to the main roster. Below is a highlight of the interview with a h/t to SportsKeeda.com for the transcription.

“There absolutely is that pressure. Any time guys move to Raw and SmackDown, I think that is what has kept NXT so relevant and has kept the fans so invested because they are now conditioned that whoever leaves or comes in, NXT, as a product, is going to give really exciting sports entertainment every time.

So it does put pressure on guys like me, Aleister Black, Bobby and Kyle and everyone else involved in NXT now. I think that is when guys are at their best, when you put pressure and have something to work towards and have something to compare yourself to, or try to best them, it really does make you better.”

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WWE has uploaded a brand new video to its YouTube channel of the top 10 times someone stole a pinfall victory, which you can see below.

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