Jinder Mahal On A Possible Gronk Match, Learning To Main Event & Receiving Heat

The former WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal was a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week where he discussed his meteoric rise to the top of WWE. Below are some highlights from the interview:

A Potential Gronk Match

“100% I would love a match with Gronk he is one of the most recognizable athletes in the entire world, I am all about more eyes on WWE the better. I want WWE to be even bigger and having a bigger presence in pop culture, period. I am not one of those guys who hates on people coming in, Gronk doesn’t need WWE, if he comes in it’s because he is passionate about it and he loves it, he doesn’t need it he can do whatever he wants.”

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“We had the European tour and I had triple threats with Randy (Orton) and AJ Styles every night and I learned so much those two weeks. It’s a different ball game when you are in those main events like those guys are so established they get reactions so easily. When I was in preliminary matches we had to do so much so quickly just to get a reaction out of them because the people aren’t that emotionally invested in us. So even changing the style from being a superstar to being in the main event is a huge difference in style, I could take my time more. I see things differently now, I watch my match back and see how I take a pause and pull a face, that’s when people draw a reaction.”

Receiving Heat

“I love it (heat) because that is the type of stuff I grew up watching when there were true heels, it made me cheer for the babyface. With social media nowadays, deep down we all want praise but I have no problem, I am a heel, I like being told ‘Jinder Mahal the worst champion’ it’s cool. Vince likes old school, that’s how WWE got to where it is right now, they had such great heels and it’s a throwback and it doesn’t bother me getting booed.”

You can listen to the full interview with Jinder and Sam, as well as Sam’s State of Wrestling, here.