Russia mandates vaccinations to battle virus surge

Russia is mandating coronavirus vaccinations for some occupations as the country continues to battle a surge in cases. 

The increase in cases has 18 Russian regions requiring vaccinations for those in government offices, health care, education, retail, restaurants and other service industries, The Associated Press reported.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday that “no one is making” the employees get vaccinated and that they have the option to leave and get another job.


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However, Peskov said earlier in the week that work options will be severely limited for those without the vaccine.

“The reality is such that discrimination will inevitably set in. People without vaccination or immunity will not be able to work everywhere. It is not possible. It will pose a threat to those around them,” Peskov said.

Russia has experienced a surge in cases in June, with the country seeing more than 20,000 daily cases on Thursday and Friday, according to the AP.

The country only has 11 percent of its country fully vaccinated from the virus.

Health officials say the slow vaccine rollout and increase in cases are due to public hesitancy to taking the vaccine. State media also has characterized vaccines made outside Russia as less superior to Russian vaccines.