Top WWE Executives Sell Company Stock

Several key WWE executives filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on July 22nd to sell the following amounts of WWE stock.

— WWE CEO Vince McMahon sold 12,627 shares at $70.23/share and has 69,113 remaining.

— WWE Co-President George Barrios sold 64,497 shares at $70.23, as well as 63,758 more shares at $69.98, and 10,920 at $70.54. He has 143,027 remaining.

— WWE Executive Vice President, Television Production Kevin Dunn sold 68,628 shares at $70.23 and has 149,059 remaining.

— WWE Corporate Controller Mark Kowal sold 3,845 shares at $70.23 and has 14,610 remaining.

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— WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative Paul Levesque (Triple H) sold 17,563 shares at $70.23 and has 163,901 remaining.

— WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie Levesque (McMahon) sold 17,681 shares at $70.23 and has 164,211 remaining.

— WWE Co-President Michelle Wilson sold 65,318 shares at $70.23 and has 199,642 remaining