Triple H On the Current NXT Roster Strength, How Real Life Incidents Helped Shape the Story of Gargano vs Ciampa

Triple H participated in a news conference following NXT Takeover New Orleans, and below are some highlights from the conference via ESPN.

On the current NXT roster post-WrestleMania 34:

“That level of growth in that short period of time, is awesome. It’s one of my favorite things about NXT,” said Paul “Triple H” Levesque, during a news conference held shortly after the conclusion of NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. “I think there was a lot of people who thought it was a weakness when we first started — this turnover, that ‘Oh my God, you get somebody over and then the roster takes them and then you’re doomed, right?’ Might take us a little bit… but we’ll get there.

“It’s about new talent. I think it’s the strength,” Levesque continued. “I can look at almost every card…when we go to Brooklyn, almost every year I can look at that card and there’s nobody on it from the year before,” Levesque said. “I can look at this card tonight, I’m not really sure who’s on it from last year’s WrestleMania [weekend]card. It’s very small, and when you look at the main roster [at WrestleMania], I think there’s two matches on that card that don’t have somebody from NXT.”

On the Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa feud:

“It’s just a classic story, you know, you don’t even have to say wrestling,” said Levesque. “Classics never get old, it’s authentic and it’s real. It was done with passion and emotion and feel. There’s a ring of truth to all of it, right? We put Gargano and Ciampa together and they weren’t best of friends, but they became it. He was in his wedding and all that is legit.

“And to go forward from there, the injuries and just the story… part of it was the plan, and then part of it was just working around the nuances of life to get there,” Levesque continued. “But it almost made it better in some way, right? To me this is one of those things that I love because it is the classic bad guy-good guy… to me, that’s the art of what we do — and I do consider this an art form, in every sense of it. Sometimes you hit magic.”

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