WWE 205 Live Results (1/23): Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali Steal The Show, Lince Dorado Returns, Drew For America

WWE 205 Live Results
January 23, 2018

– Daniel Bryan announces in a pre-recorded video that there will be a new 205 Live General Manager arriving next week, and he will address the future of the Cruiserweight Championship. So… no title match at the Royal Rumble then.

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Good to see Lince back in action with a few lucha libre brothers behind him. Metalik starts things off against Daivari and sends him flying with a few beautiful headscissors takedowns, but is quickly attacked from behind by the heel corner, who slow things down and alternate in with quick tags. After several minutes Kalisto manages to make the hot tag and connects with a great springboard missile dropkick. Nese starts mocking the “LUCHA” chants on the apron and Kalisto goes after him, but pays the price as he’s dumped to the floor and beaten down by a trio of boots.

Daivari spends a few minutes picking apart the former Cruiserweight Champion, taking his time and making sure Kalisto can’t get anywhere near his partners in the corner. He gets a bit too cocky and runs into a spinning kick which sends both guys down. Dorado is finally in off the hot tag and cleans house, sending bodies flying everywhere with springboard dropkicks and headscissors takedowns. All hell breaks loose as all six guys start to brawl, until Kalisto and Metalik both come off opposite ropes to take down the entire group. Nese gets knocked off the apron and TJP is unable to make a tag, freaking out at his partners for being incompetent. He turns around into a handspring stunner (basically the Jethal Injection) for the pin.

Winners: Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik


Drew Gulak appears backstage behind a podium, with a giant American flag in the background. He talks about his master plan to turn 205 Live into a “No Fly Zone” where everyone is safe to work and nobody lets their arrogance and stupidity get in the way. Gulak officially throws his support behind finding a 205 Live General Manager that will promise to create a “Drewtopia” for a better tomorrow. No PowerPoint presentation tonight, unfortunately.


Itami hits a crescent kick as soon as the bell rings to make Gallagher think twice about rushing him. He does it anyways and gets caught with a spinning elbow that sent him flying. Hideo followed up with strikes and stiff kicks in the corner until the referee backed him off, and Jack took advantage of the brief respite to roll to the outside and hide underneath the ring. He emerged on the other side and attacked Itami from behind, focussing his assault on the previously injured shoulder that’s put his opponent on the bench numerous times now.

Gallagher remains in control for several minutes, working the shoulder and stretching it out with a few nice submissions, wrenching the extremities as they try to get the crowd into this match. It’s not happening. He transitions into a Hammerlock and Itami teases tapping out, but he works his way back with chops and elbows to break the hold, firing off with a snap Fisherman’s suplex to give himself some space.

Itami hit a running knee in the corner and followed up from the top rope with a pair of diving knees to the midsection. Gallagher rolled him up out of nowhere and nearly stole the pin, but Itami kicked out and responded with a devastating spinning back kick. Another kick connects in the corner and Hideo screams “RESPECT!”, potentially setting up for a new finisher. He hit what was basically a modified one-knee Codebreaker and picked up the three-count.

Winner: Hideo Itami


Akira Tozawa is walking backstage and mentions a new boss coming to 205 Live next week. He says “I could be a good boss” and it’s pretty clear his English is getting drastically better. He walks up to some random dude sitting in a chair, leans and and yells “YOU’RE FIRED!” before strutting off in his best impression of Mr. McMahon.


It’s a battle of two friends here in this main event match. Cedric cut a promo beforehand saying that he was disappointed in the Cruiserweight title being vacated because plans have changed for the Royal Rumble, but says the goal remains that he will be champion in 2018. The two shake hands before the match and we’re off…

Things stay friendly for the first few minutes as they trade holds and go blow-for-blow in some spectacular cruiserweight exchanges. A little bit of “anything you can do I can do better” going on, but they’ve still got smiles on their faces. Cedric hits a nice hurricanrana and gets a nearfall, and that point the Chicago native is starting to look a little frustrated. Alexander went for a side headlock and started a little trash talking, but Ali reversed the hold into hammerlock and gave the trash talk right back to him. After a beat he released the hold and looked to fly, but Cedric tripped him up on the ropes and send him crashing to the floor in a pretty nasty looking bump.

Ali rolled on the floor in pain after looking like he just smashed his face into the ground, and Cedric gave him some time before eventually rolling him back into the ring to continue the match. He connected with a few stiff kicks to the back of the head and set in with deep knife-edge chops, now able to just take his time and go to work at his own pace. Alexander rushed the corner but Ali flipped over him in a cool looking spot, but the damage from the earlier bump took his toll and he collapsed in the middle of the ring.

The two go back and forth with Ali starting to really fire up. He connected with a series of dropkicks and hit an enzuigiri from the apron, before flying off the top rope with a crossbody for two. European uppercut in the corner into a corkscrew DDT from the top, but Cedric caught him out of the air into a sleeper hold. He dropped his buddy down hard into the second turnbuckle nearly knocking him out cold, following with a brutal kick from the apron yelling “NOT TONIGHT ALI!” Springboard Flatliner connects! 1…2…Ali kicks out!

Both men have almost nothing left in the tank as they start hammering away at each other with snaps, kicks and chops as they’re barely able to stand on their feet. Cedric hits a huge kick out of nowhere, but both men wobble and Ali comes back with a big boot of his own. Both men down. Ali is back to his feet first and tries to run, but gets caught with a beautiful standing Spanish Fly out of nowhere! Lumbar Check coming, but Ali countered in an utterly ridiculous corkscrew tornado DDT. He dragged the lifeless body of Alexander to the corner and tried for the inverted 450 splash, but Cedric rolled out of the way at the last second. Springboard flash kick connects, followed by the Lumbar Check. 1…2…3. Excellent match.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

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