WWE 205 Live Results (6/12): Tony Nese vs Mustafa Ali, Lucha House Party Face Gallagher, Gulak & Kendrick

WWE 205 Live Results
June 12, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com.

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As the show kicks off with a video package of GM, Drake Maverick explaining what to expect on tonight’s show, he explained that following his actions last week, Hideo Itami has been sent home this week.


Prior to the match, the heels are interviewed backstage, with Brian Kendrick claiming they must go through the Lucha House Party to reach their goals, whilst Jack Gallagher added that they have had the numbers game until now, but that ends tonight. Gulak added that he has been hoping for his vision of 205 Live and that if they step to him, then you will tap out.

The match kicks off with Jack Gallagher and Kalisto as the Englishman quickly brings the smaller wrestler to the mat, grounding him down early on. Kalisto eventually breaks out and mocks Gallagher by dancing in the middle of the ring and tags in Lince Dorado who drops from the top rope straight onto the arm of Gallager. Dorado then mocks Kendrick who manages to tag in and Lucha House Party put on an amazing triple team move that finishes with Gran Metalik diving halfway across the ring to land on Kendrick who kicks out.

Drew Gulak eventually gets tagged in and doesn’t mess around, rocking Dorado with a big right hand, but the speed of Dorado comes to work early and he sends Gulak outside the ring with his team and he dives from the top rope to flip and take out the heels, yet Gulak kicks out upon the return to the ring. Gulak’s power eventually proves too much for Kalisto as he gets to tag out with a blind tag and Kalisto doesn’t see as Kendrick flicks him from the top rope with Kalisto’s head bouncing off the second turnbuckle in a nasty bump.

Gulak re-enters the match and powerslams Kalisto as the heels cut the ring in half and deny Kalisto any hope of gaining a much-needed tag. Kalisto eventually makes the tag but Kendrick distracted the referee who denies the tag as he didn’t see it and Gallagher continues working on the former Cruiserweight Champion with an abdominal stretch in the center of the ring. Jack and Brian Kendrick team up well with Gallagher bouncing Kalisto off the ropes head first who spins into a big kick from the veteran, Kendrick, but Kalisto manages to kick out once again.

Kalisto attempts to escape with some quick and sharp leg kicks but Kendrick once again gets back on top, though the luchador flew from the top rope to hit a DDT as he makes the hot tag to Metalik who instantly comes flying from the top rope to wipe out Gallagher who follows it up with a major Superkick.

He then tags in Lince Dorado and they hit another great double team move, but Gulak breaks up the pinfall and makes the tag but Dorado nearly catches him out with several near falls in a row. Gulak then scores a near fall of his own though after hitting a huge lariat out of frustration and almost has the win though he gets caught holding Dorado’s tights.

Kendrick finally gets tagged in again and takes locks in his finisher but the rest of the Lucha House Party get involved and things quickly break down. Dorado flies from the top rope but is caught by Gulak and Gallagher though Dorado takes them both out before Metalik and Kalisto both fly over the top rope at the same time to send everyone down outside the ring. Dorado attempts to fly as well but Kendrick reappears to lock in the Captain’s Hook on Dorado, but the Lucha House Party member reversed with a roll-up and grabs the tights to score a victory for his team after a very entertaining six-man tag.

Winners: Lucha House Party

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A Twitter video of Hideo Itami is shown who claims neither Buddy Murphy or Mustafa Ali are worthy of the main event or being champion and claims he will be the next Cruiserweight Champion and force everyone to respect him.

Drake Maverick is then shown backstage and is joined by Buddy Murphy who demands a match with Itami or else he is not competing for 205 Live. Maverick suggests he calms down, claiming everyone will get what they want but when things calm down as emotions are running high, telling Murphy to keep the peace.

Mustafa Ali is then shown in a promo, stating that tonight he will be getting back up and getting another step closer to being the champion when he faces Tony Nese.

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