WWE Star Leaves WWE SmackDown Live Tour, The Young Bucks Talk Popular Being The Elite YouTube Show

During the WWE SmackDown Live tour of Mexico, Mojo Rawley has been teaming up with one half of the Bludgeon Brothers, Erick Rowan.

According to a report on PWInsider.com, the word in the WWE locker room is that Rowan’s tag partner, Luke Harper, actually left the tour and returned to the US on Thursday.

With Rawley’s recent heel turn on Zack Ryder, it makes sense that he teams with another heel in the form of Rowan whilst Harper is away. It is currently unknown as to why Harper left the tour.

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Young Bucks on Being The Elite YouTube Series

The Young Bucks have commented on their popular, Being The Elite, YouTube series, which is becoming incredibly popular amongst wrestling fans.

Matt Jackson tweeted about the show, saying that they are enjoying filming the series and hopes the fans are enjoying the content.

We really enjoy filming our weekly non fiction, non scripted documentary series #BeingTheElite & hope you have fun watching it.

— The Young Bucks (@MattJackson13) December 3, 2017

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