Frank McCourt: “God willing, I am at Marseille for a very long time.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Marseille owner Frank McCourt explained his intention to remain tied to the Ligue 1 club for many years to come.

Why did you attend the LFP General Assembly meeting today where you also spoke?

I was invited and I came with pleasure to speak about my vision and my experience after 5 years at the head of OM. I also wanted to spend a bit of time with Alex Green (Head of Sports, Amazon Europe). Amazon, who are the new Ligue 1 broadcaster, see the potential in French football. In fact, I really enjoyed this General Assembly which I found to be encouraging for the future.

What do you think about the arrival of Amazon, who will broadcast 80% of Ligue 1?

I am delighted about the support that they are bringing to French football. It needs to be supported by big companies. A new media strategy, one that is more aggressive, is necessary for fans to appreciate Ligue 1. I am enthusiastic about the idea that Amazon are getting involved.

Do you think that things need changing in French football?

We just need to have a shared vision for our sport, to be clear with our objectives. And to put together a plan to achieve them. I do not think that this is very complicated. We just have to have common ambitions.

What are Marseille’s ambitions for this coming season?

Continue to move forward. We have to first off improve our performances on the pitch. But we also need the club to improve in all dimensions. Marseille must be in the Champions’ League every year. It is an obligation. At the end of the season, Marseille must qualify for this competition.

In the midst of a financial crisis for the club, you are investing in this summer transfer window to build a stronger team.

I have strong ambitions for Marseille, I am passionate about this club. And I am very determined to reach summits. The Marseille fans deserve a great club with great results.

You are therefore not ready to sell Marseille?

No. I am not up for selling. I am at Marseille for a very long time, God willing.

Are you current investments proof of that?

I do whatever possible to show that I do no want to sell.

How do you judge the first few months of Pablo Longoria as president?

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He is doing extraordinary work.

The DNCG has ordered Marseille to diminish the wage budget and transfer spend. That is not good news.

The DNCG, who I respect, do their best for the health of French football. They concentrate on the questions linked to the running of clubs. I urged them to take an interest in the reforms. They are essential for French football to achieve its goals.