IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/8): The Era of Aries Begins, 4-Way Contender’s Match, Knockouts in Action

IMPACt Wrestling Results
February 8, 2018
Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com

– The show kicks off with a video package recapping Austin Aries’ return to IMPACT Wrestling last week, and his shocking victory over Eli Drake becoming the new IMPACT World Champion.

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– Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show and is joined by former X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt as they’ll be our commentary team for the time being. We’re kicking things off with a little high flying X-Division tag team action!

IMPACT Grand Champion MATT SYDAL & X-Division Champion TAIJI ISHIMORI vs. ROHIT RAJU & AAA Latin American Champion EL HIJO DEL FANSTASMA

Ishimori locks up with AAA’s Fantasma in a tight back and forth grappling exchange to get things started. They trade holds and go into a string of counters, coming out even and shaking hands in a show of respect. Sydal and Raju tag in and lock up in a similar exchange, this time adding in a few killer strikes and quick kicks. Ishimori makes a blind tag and comes off the top rope right on Raju’s arm, creating a weakness to pick apart.

Fantasma eventually makes the hot tag and catches Sydal with a step-up kick to the side of the head. He tries to escape but Raju flies over the ropes to take them both out on the ramp. Fantasma refuses to be outdone and runs off the turnbuckles into a Golden Triangle Moonsault to take all four guys down. After a commercial break Sydal is firing off with stiff kicks and chops to the chest of Raju. Lots of double team work from Sydal and Ishimori so far.

They build up to a second hot tag to Fantasma who once again cleans house. He hits a few snap armdrags and a crucifix¬† takedown as commentary wonders if Matt has a broken nose after all the shots he’s taken. Raju made a blind tag that nobody saw and they hit a unique double team version of the GTS on the NOAH star, but it wasn’t enough to get the pin. Sydal came flying out of nowhere with an overcastle takedown. Tombstone Knees from Ishimori to Raju followed by the shooting star press from Sydal! 1…2…3.

Winners: Matt Sydal & Taiji Ishimori

– We see footage of a press conference with new IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries that was recorded “earlier today”. He reveals that he still hasn’t signed a contract with IMPACT Wrestling and that he’s a free agent roaming around the globe collecting titles. A reporter asks him what happens if he loses the title at an indie event, but clearly Aries has no plans to lose to anybody. Eli Drake comes out of nowhere and tries to go after the champ, screaming “THAT’S MY BELT” and demanding the title be returned to him. Aries yelled that he would get his rematch soon, and he better be ready for it because next time there won’t be any excuses.

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