Kevin Owens Discusses Where He Picked Up His Promo Skills

WWE Raw Superstar, Kevin Owens, recently spoke with Booker T on his Hall Of Fame podcast as he spoke about developing his promo skills.

Owens is well known for being able to trash talk, which is something he really started doing thanks to an encounter with a WWE Hall Of Famer.

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“I can’t tell you where I picked it up but in 2005 I met Stone Cold Steve Austin at an airport in Dallas,” Owens said before adding that he and Sami Zayn were awaiting a connecting flight. “…I’m like, ‘Hey, before you go. Do you have one piece of advice for us?’ He looked at us and said, ‘Just run your mouth. Whatever you do, don’t stop running your mouth.’

“Man, that really hit home with me as I was already a guy who talked smack during matches. But from that point on, I went into overdrive and it’s become a big part of my persona. That’s something people look forward to and I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to shut up. But obviously, that is something people like to see from me.”

KO also spoke about having to leave his family behind for work, admitting it is something he has a tough time dealing with.

“I have a very hard time leaving work behind when I go home and I think my wife would tell you that’s very true,” said Owens. “I had double knee surgery in October of 2018 and I took 4-5 months off to recover. I think that time was really helpful in helping me find a different way to think about this industry because it consumed me. Even if I’m just driving and I’m by myself, I’ll think about the company and wrestling and how I can make an impact. Part of that has been crucial to my success but it’s unhealthy if you let it consume you.”

H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.
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