ROH 17th Anniversary PPV Results (3/15): Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven, Jeff Cobb Defends, World Tag Title Match

ROH 17th Anniversary PPV Results
March 15, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

(1) MARTY SCURLL def. KENNY KING. Really good match. Scurll hit a superplex and tried to roll through into another suplex, but King countered with the Royal Flush. King grabbed a chair and while the referee was getting rid of it, Scurll blasted his opponent with his umbrella to get the win.

(2) JEFF COBB (c) def. SHANE TAYLOR TO RETAIN THE ROH WORLD TV CHAMPIONSHIP. Hoss fight! This was an incredible match with both guys doing insane moves neither should have been able to pull off, given their collective size. At one point Taylor actually hit a Destroyer. Cobb eventually got the win with not one, but two Tour of the Islands to retain.

(3) MAYU IWATANI (c) def. KELLY KLEIN TO RETAIN THE WOH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. They had the challenge of following a tremendous match, but did one hell of a job trying to live up to it. Mayu had former champion Sumie Sakai at ringisde with her. This was similar to their last match where Klein won the title, but cranked way, way up in intensity. In the end the two traded brutal German suplexes, Iwatani hit a moonsault, Klein beat the heck out of her, but the champion rolled her up with an inside cradle to retain.

(4) JAY LETHAL (c) and MATT TAVEN FOUGHT TO A 60-MINUTE TIME LIMIT DRAW FOR THE ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Wow. Didn’t see that coming. This could have been a terrible idea but the crowd was super into it and really carried them through to the end. The fans went in split about 50/50 but as the match went on the support for Taven got so much that he was basically the crowd favorite by the finish. The finish saw Lethal hit the Lethal Injection after a trio of superkicks, but Taven kicked out and the bell rang.

Mega Ran came out and rapped about G1 Supercard until Bully Ray kicked him and his group out of the ring. He trashed the Vegas crowd and threatened a bunch of kids in the front row. Bully challenged a mystery opponent to a Street Fight at Madison Square Garden.

(5) RUSH def. BANDIDO. 

They had to cancel two of the matches on this show because the ROH title match went so long. They tried to explain it away with storyline reasons but that’s the reality.

(6) VILLAIN ENTERPRISES def. THE BRISCOES (c) TO BECOME THE NEW ROH WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! This was a brutal, bloody, death-match style brawl. At the end Brody nearly killed Jay with a piledriver on the apron that literally left a bloody face-print on the canvas. PCO hit a giant moonsault and scored the pin, which was kind of a surprise.

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