Vince McMahon’s “Biggest Acquisition In Smackdown Live History” Is…


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After hyping up the “biggest acquisition in Smackdown Live history” for the past 24 hours, Vince McMahon himself closed out this Tuesday night’s show to announce the final name in the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up.

Ladies and gentlemen… Elias!

And the crowd goes mild.

While the Montreal fanbase did not take to kindly to the boss over-hyping The Drifter as his big reveal, they didn’t have to sit in disappointment for very long. Before Elias could deliver a show-stealing musical performance, he and the WWE Chairman were interrupted by none other than the “Big Dog” Roman Reigns!

We can officially confirm, Reigns has come to Smackdown Live!

The former world champion wasted very little time getting right down to business, dropping Elias with a round of Superman Punches before coming face-to-face with McMahon. In a shocking moment, Reigns actually dropped the boss with a Superman Punch, before returning to the ring to finish off The Drifter with a monstrous spear.