Jinder Mahal Vows to Reclaim the Title, New Day Back in the Hunt, Fashion Files Gets ‘Sawed’ (Videos)

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

Jinder Mahal Vows to Reclaim the WWE Title

WWE has released the following Smackdown Fallout videos from tonight.

The first features Jinder Mahal reacting to the 2 on 1 Handicap match tonight featuring The Singh Brothers vs AJ Styles. Jinder says he vows to take back the WWE Title when he faces Styles at WWE Clash of Champions.

Despite Jinder’s attempt to take Styles out before tonight’s match, the match eventually began and saw Styles emerge victoriously.

The finish of the match saw Styles knock one of the Singh brothers to the floor, then he delivered a Styles Clash, from the second rope, right on top of both Singh brothers for the pin fall victory.

New Day Back in the Title Hunt

The second fallout video features The New Day reacting to their win over Benjamin and Gable on Smackdown, and the group reminds everyone they are the franchise team in the industry, and look to climb back into the tag team title picture:

Fashion Files Gets ‘Sawed’

The following is tonight’s edition of “Fashion Files”, featuring Breezango and The Ascension in a “Saw” themed edition of the show:

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